About Premium Machinery Group

Unlike many of our competitors, we are manufacturers not middlemen — everything is done in-house.

With multiple factories and over 200 staff across China, Europe, the United States and Australia, PMG is unmatched when it comes to expertise, design, service, technology range and quality.

PMG was originally established by Mr George Yang in the mid-2000s, where years of solid growth allowed for investment into a distillery fabrication factory, as well as the acquisition of a winery equipment manufacturer. In 2018 this resulted in the businesses being combined under the one umbrella with the creation of Premium Machinery Group.

Having also established PMG in Europe and the USA, our Australian office has been established in Melbourne to work closely with the local market in what is a unique setup, with no other Chinese manufacturers having local support on the ground in the region. There are suppliers who have a middleman agent, but no others where you will have a local direct representative of the supplier living in Australia.

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